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Al Mezan Opens Specialized Training Course on Development of Legal Skills

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7 June 2012 |Reference 55/2012

On Thursday 7 June 2012, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights opened a specialized training course for lawyers entitled “Developing Lawyers’ Skills in Palestinian Law, International Humanitarian Law, and Human Rights Law.
”  30 practicing lawyers are attending the course, which is being held at the Tami Institute for Social Training in Gaza City.
 The course consists of 136 training hours, to be delivered in periodic sessions over the course of two months.
 This is the tenth successive year that Al Mezan has organized this training.
Shirin Ash-Shobaki, coordinator of the training and mass communication unit at Al Mezan, opened the course by welcoming the participants and expressing her hopes that the course would meet their expectations, increasing and developing their skills and adding to both their practical and theoretical knowledge.
  She thanked the participants for their commitment to the course and for their efforts to make it a success.
 She also emphasized the importance of ongoing communication with Al Mezan in order to stay up to date with its publications and activities, and added that Al Mezan would always welcome future cooperation with all participants in this and other courses implemented by the Center.
Ash-Shobaki stated that the course aims to prmote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in the oPt by increasing lawyers’ awareness of human rights concepts.
 This is a crucial task in the occupied Palestinian territory, where Palestinians are living under continuing Israeli military occupation and human rights violations against civilians are a regular occurrence.
Ash-Shobaki emphasized the important role of lawyers in achieving justice and the need for lawyers to be knowledgeable in international humanitarian law and human rights law in order to be able to confront the flagrant violations committed in the context of the Israeli occupation.
 She stated her hope that Palestinian reconciliation would have a positive effect at the social, political, and judicial levels.
  Finally, Mrs.
Ash-Shobaki wished the participants luck and added her hope that the course would mark the beginning of a continuing relationship between the participants and Al Mezan.
  This course constitutes one component of the “Enhancing Legal Aid for Victims of Human Rights Violations in the Gaza Strip” project, implemented by Al Mezan with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP/PAPP, Rule of Law Program).