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Israeli Aircrafts Attack a Palestinian House in Rafah Town

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21 December 2010

At approximately 12:20am on Tuesday 21 December 2010, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the house of Mrs.
Samar Rezeq Mahmoud Abu M'ammar.
The house is located near the Ar-Rayan mosque southwest of Sofa crossing in the Al Shoka village, east of Rafah.
The house is about 1.
5 kilometers from the border fence.
It is built on an area of 130 square meters, roofed with asbestos, and has three bedrooms.
As a result, the house was completely destroyed.
No casualties or injuries were reported as the house was empty when it was attacked.
Two adjacent houses were severely damaged in the attack.
These houses are owned by Hatem Marzouq Abu M'ammar and Tawfeeq Marzouq Abu M'ammar.
The two houses host 21 persons including 16 children.