Press Release: On the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

Al Mezan condemns Israel’s targeting of the environment in the occupied Palestinian territory and demands an end to impunity


Israel’s Increase in Prohibited Restrictions Following 11-Day Military Assault on Gaza

Al Mezan and Al Haq submit written statement to UN Human Rights Council session 48


Press Release: Energy crisis worsens humanitarian conditions in Gaza

Israel must stop its collective punishment of Palestinian civilians


In focus: the targeting of civilians & their homes in the Gaza Strip

Al Mezan reiterates its call on the international community to immediately intervene to protect civilian lives and properties


Israeli Forces’ Attacks against Civilians Prompt Tens of Thousands to Evacuate their Homes

Al Mezan Calls for an End of the Aggression and a Protection for People Displaced


Day Six: Israel’s Attacks Obliterate Families in Gaza

Al Mezan condemns the deliberate targeting of civilians and calls for international intervention


On the 73rd anniversary of al-Nakba

the Israeli Policies of the Forced Displacement, Ethnic Cleansing, Targeting of Civilians and their Property Continue to be Practiced in Light of the Absence of Accountability and Justice