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With the aim of enhancing knowledge on fundamental human rights, Al Mezan organizes a meeting with the Peasant Women’s Society in Bedouin Village

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29 May 2006 |Reference 20/2006

In an attempt to spread and reinforce notions of fundamental human rights in Palestinian society, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a meeting with a group of peasant women and housewives in Um Nasr Bedouin Village.
The meeting was conducted by Mr.
Hussein Hammad at 10.
30am on May 29th in Peasant Women’s Society located in the Bedouin village in the northern Gaza Strip; it focused on the importance of women’s rights, notably the right to education and to social and political participation; it also referred to the concept of violence, and the causes, types and means of eliminating it.
It is worth noting that a substantial number of housewives and peasant women participated and interacted in the lecture, which lasted for almost two hours.