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Israeli court rejects Al Mezan's request to lawyer access to Mhawish An-Nueimat and bans releasing any information on his case

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12 September 2007 |Reference 25/2007

An Israeli court in Beir Shiva rejected yesterday, Tuesday 11 September 2007, a request submitted by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights' lawyer to visit Mhawish Salamah An-Nueimat.
In addition, the court accepted a request submitted by the military prosecution placing a ban on publishing any information on this case until further notice.
Mhawish has been detained, since 7 September 2007, in Al Majdal (Ashkelon) prison, where he is expected to have been subjected to interrogation.
Mhawish family requested legal assistance from Al Mezan and its lawyer has been representing them.
The Center's lawyer had filed a request to visit him before appealing to the court, but the request was rejected by the Israeli prisons authorities.
At approximately 8pm on Friday 7 September 2007, an Israeli special unit abducted Mhawish Salamah An-Nueimat from Rafah town, south of the Gaza Strip.
In that operation, Israeli soldiers who were in black wear stopped Mhawish's car in Al Jneina neighborhood, south- east of Rafah.
Mhawish was driving home accompanied by his wife and children.
The car was stopped near the family's house.
The soldiers forced the family to leave the car and anesthetized Mhawish.
When the family cried for help, the disguised soldiers told them that they were from the Palestinian police and drove Mhawish's car fast towards the nearby Gaza International Airport.
Eyewitnesses reported that he was soon transported by a helicopter into Israel.
Al Mezan calls for an immediate end to denying Mhawish his right to meet with his lawyer, and for lifting the ban on releasing information about him.
Al Mezan is highly concerned over Mhawish's wellbeing, especially with torture being a common practice in Israeli prisons.