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Al Majdalawi family, Jabaliya

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5 August 2015

Al Majdalawi family, Jabaliya


At approximately 3:30pm on Sunday, 3 August 2014, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at the house of Abdel Hadi Mahmoud Al Majdalawi, which is located in the Beer Al Na’jeh area in Jabaliya in the North Gaza district. As a result, four people were killed, three of them children.

The house was totally destroyed along with the adjacent home of his brother Ahmed. Five other houses were damaged.

The persons killed have been identified as follows: 

  1. Abdel Razeq Abdel Hadi Mahmoud Al Majdalawi (18);
  2. Abdullah Abdel Hadi Mahmoud Al Majdalawi (13),.Abdel Razeq's brother (also Talal's twin brother);
  3. Rawan Ahmed Yousif Al Majdalawi (8), Abdel Razeq's cousin; and
  4. Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Al Majdalawi (7).