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IOF perpetrate mass murder in Beit Hanoun today; 18 Palestinians killed in their sleep, including seven children and 8 females, and 53 wounded.

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8 November 2006

One day after the redeployment of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) around Beit Hanoun, in the northern the Gaza Strip, Al Mezan reports a new IOF massacre in the town.
Initial field evidence indicates that IOF fired eleven heavy artillery shells at six homes in the town killing 18.
Seven of the victims are children and four are women.
Sixteen of the victims belong to one family, Al Athamneh, one man to another family and one woman is still unidentified.
The attack took place at 5.
30am, when the victims were in their sleep.
53 civilians were also injured, including 25 children and 12 women.