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An Urgent Action Appeal<br>International Community Must Act to Stop Killing Palestinian Children.

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6 October 2004

Israel kills over 81 Palestinians, injures more than 250 and cause severe suffering to hundreds of thousands in the Gaza Strip
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Palestine.
Al Mezan strongly condemns the Israeli violations of human rights and the rights of the childen in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and especially in the north of the Gaza Strip.
The Center calls upon the international community to take effective action to put an end to these violations.
The Center also calls human rights organizations and children NGOs, coalitions and individuals to take whatever steps within their power to mobilize a more effective intervention to prevent such violations of the International Humanitarian Law and human rights standards.
Brief Description Since the night of Tuesday 28 September 2004, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) carried out a wide-scaled incursion into the area of North Gaza .
IOF spokespersons announced that the Israeli Army carried out the incursion to stop the launch of Qassam and other hand-made rockets on the Israeli territory and Jewish settlements inside the Gaza Strip.
The incursion is still underway for the eighth day.
To date, eighty-one Palestinians; among whom are 25 children, have been killed and 270; including 90 children, were injured.
Numerous homes and private property have also been destroyed as IOF utilize excessive, disproportionate force, including air force and heavy tanks in this military operation.
At about 3 pm on Thursday 30 October, an Israeli tank fired artillery into a group of Palestinians in the center of Jebalia refugee camp killing 10, of them at least 8 were Palestinian under-18s.
Some 30 other people were injured; including 10 children.
In addition, as the incursion continues, a major proportion of the civilian population of the area suffer shortage in food and water supply due to the destruction of water and electricity facilities, or denying access of technical teams to operate them by IOF.
In the south of the Strip, there has been a serious shortage of food and fuel as IOF ban human and goods movement and, thus, the supplied from Gaza City.
Moreover, hundreds of people, including numerous children are not able to access medical care due to the closure of checkpoints.
  Signatories for the Urgent Action Appeal
International Community Must Act to Stop Killing Palestinian Children.
Sirkku Kivistö, Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Noor Khairiyati Mohd Ai, Malaysian Sociological Research Institute
Laurence Kirby, Professor and musician
Kamel Jendoubi, President, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network