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Problems in using lot 28 in Rafah town

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18 July 2005

Face-the-Public on "Problems in using lot 28 in Rafah town.
" This meeting took place on 18th July 2005 in the town of Rafah.
The Center invited representatives of the Land Authority, Rafah Municipality, and the Ministry of Housing to meet with people, following a report made by the Fieldwork Unit that the Land Authority had requested the owners of Lot 28 in Rafah town to evacuate the land in order to use it as industrial zone.
The Land Authority rejected the invitation for the "Face-the-Public" meeting; Al Mezan Center thus mentioned this non- participation in a press release.
On the following day, the Land Authority directed an official letter for dissemination in newspapers and in Al Mezan's press release; the Land Authority abandoned the lot and transferred the project to another area.
Thus, the program was canceled due to resolution of the problem before the project was carried out.
The Center issued a final press release on the case.
Date:12 Jul 2005 Al Mezan cancels a Face the Public meeting after the Authority of Governmental Lands stops plans to turn industrial and agricultural land into a residential area