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A Manual on Priorities for Action on Issues of Child Rights

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30 November 2006

This manual is dedicated to
Contributing to respecting and realizing the rights of the Palestinian children Making their voice heard .
working for them .
to realize their dreams of a more prosperous life for a new Palestine Why is this manual?
It is to:
highlight major problems, from which the Gaza Strip children suffer, fill the gap of identifying needs, on which programs and projects are established, assist in cooperation and interrelation between the institutions working on children, and assist in providing effective mechanisms to implement children's rights programs.
For whom is this manual?
It is for :
institutions working on children's rights and development, providers of basic services for children, all Palestinian actors desiring to improve the Palestinian future through investing in children, planners and policy makers and actors in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), and workers and others generally interested in children's right area.