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Press Release: On the second day of Israel's military attack on Gaza, the number of Palestinians killed and wounded increases

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6 August 2022 |Reference 41/2022

For the second consecutive day, Israeli forces conducted several military attacks against the Gaza Strip, directly targeting civilians and civilian objects. Al Mezan documentation indicates that the number of Palestinians killed so far has risen to 14, including a child and two women, while the number of wounded has risen to 122, including 33 children and 12 women. Israeli forces have announced their intention to continue their military operations against the Gaza Strip.


The humanitarian conditions in Gaza are further exacerbated due to Israel’s complete closure of Gaza crossings and the ban on the entry of fuel, food, and medicine. Palestinian medical patients—particularly those with serious diseases who are in urgent need to access healthcare facilities outside the Gaza Strip—are the most affected by Israel’s heightened closure measures. Their health condition may worsen anytime, and their lives are at risk.


In addition, Gaza's only power plant announced today that it will shut down completely if Israeli authorities continue to ban fuel. Such an event would cripple public services such as health care and access to clean water, heralding a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe. Israel's attacks have also severely damaged power grids in Gaza.


The following are the most prominent Israeli attacks carried out against the Gaza Strip during the second day of the offensive (6 August 2022):


  • At 8am, Israeli warplanes targeted a group of people in Bani Suhaila village, eastern Khan Younis City, with a missile, killing Tamim Ghassan Hijazi, 24 and Osama Abdelrahman al-Souri, 27.
  • At 11:10am, Israeli warplanes attacked with three missiles the three-story house of Ibrahim Hamdan Shamallakh, 45, in al-Sheikh Ejlein neighborhood, northwest the Gaza City. Forty other members of the Shamallakh family, mostly children and women, lived in the house. The attack resulted in the complete destruction of the house and caused considerable material damage to nearby houses. It is worth noting that an Israeli drone fired two missiles at the house 30 minutes before completely destroying it.
  • At 1:30pm, Israeli warplanes fired three missiles at the house of Mohammed Mohammed Khalifa, 45, in the Abu Hasira neighborhood, west Gaza City. The three-story building—housing four families with 11 members including three children and four women—was destroyed, and considerable property damage was inflicted on neighboring houses. It should be noted that Israeli forces called one of the neighbors in the area and informed him about their intention to attack the house. One drone missile was launched at the house about 15 minutes before destroying it.
  • Simultaneously, at 1:30pm, Israeli warplanes fired one missile at a group of people in the Shushaa area, east of Jabaliya (North Gaza District), killing 28-year-old Hassan Mohammed Mansour and injuring another person with serious injuries.
  • Also at 1:30 p.m., Israeli warplanes attacked with a missile a group of people—mostly children and women—who were trying to get into a vehicle ahead of their relative's wedding, killing Naama Tulba Abu Qaida, 62, the groom’s mother, and injuring five children from the family.


Al Mezan reiterates its strongest condemnation of the ongoing crimes committed by the Israeli forces against Palestinians in Gaza and their property and warns of the international community’s failure to fulfill its obligation in light of Israel’s attack against the Gaza Strip, amid an unprecedented deterioration of humanitarian conditions.  


Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly and effectively intervene and uphold its moral and legal obligations vis-à-vis the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which are represented in the cessation of the Israeli miliary offensive and the lifting of Israel’s closure and blockade against Gaza. Al Mezan emphasizes that any efforts made by the international community toward ending Israel’s military offensive against the Gaza Strip would cost less than dealing with its catastrophic humanitarian effects.


Figures as of 5pm (Jerusalem time) on 6 August 2022.