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Al-Mezan Organizes a Training on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law

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23 March 2016 |Reference 14/2016

On Wednesday, 23 March 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) in cooperation with Dar Al-Nahda College in Rafah held a training for a group of female students with major in International Charters and Human Rights studies.

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, the Administrative Director of Al Mezan’s Rafah office, opened the workshop by welcoming the participants. Thereon Mr. Yehya Mohareb, Al-Mezan’s lawyer, presented the first session in which he discussed the International Bill of Human Rights and gave an overview of the International Humanitarian Law. In the second session, Mr. Abdullah explained the importance of monitoring and documentation, and presented mechanisms through which violations of human rights are documented, particularly violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). In conclusion, the participants thanked Al Mezan for collaborating with Dar Al-Nahda College and their efforts to familiarize the students with the works of Palestinian human rights organizations.

This training was conducted in the context of Al Mezan’s efforts to promote the human rights culture among university students.