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Al Mezan Monthly Report: Continuous Israeli Violations against Palestinians in May with Nine People Injured

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15 June 2014 |Reference 33/2014

As recorded in Al Mezan’s monthly report on Israeli violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL) in the Gaza Strip, 9 people were injured in May 2014, including 2 children.
During the reporting period, the IOF arrested 8 people in Gaza’s border areas and19 fishermen off of the Gaza coast, while also confiscating 10 boats and pieces of fishing equipment.
The report shows Israel’s continuous enforcement of an access restricted area (ARA)that extends several hundred meters along the Gaza Strip borders and by sea restricts the fishermen to just 6 nautical miles (nm) of the 20 nm due in line with the Oslo Accords.
According to international organizations, UN agencies, and Palestinian human rights organizations, the ARA by land extends as far as 1,500 meter along the northern and eastern borders of the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan reiterates its condemnation of Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian protected civilian population in the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan condemns the continuous imposition of restrictions on the movement of individuals and goods, within the context of Israel’s severe closure of the Gaza Strip that results in the violation of basic human rights.
Al Mezan emphasizes that the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip undermines and denies the implementation of human rights and plays the primary role in deteriorating the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip where unemployment rates are increasing along with poverty levels.
The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights views the continuous IOF violations of IHL and IHRL as a reflection of the failure of the international community to uphold its legal and moral obligations towards civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), particularly in the Gaza Strip.
The failure of the international community to take effective steps to intervene has allowed Israel to continue its violations unabated.
Al Mezan calls upon the international community to take prompt and effective measures to address the Israeli closure imposed on the Gaza Strip and to ensure the passing of essential materials for reconstruction, food, medicines, clothes, and fuel and allowing for freedom of movement of individuals.
Al Mezan asserts that the Israeli collective punishment of the population of the Gaza Strip constitutes grave violations of human rights and IHL, amounting to crimes against humanity.
Al Mezan asserts the importance of ending the policy of impunity which characterizes the international community in dealing with Israeli violations of IHL in the oPt.
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