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Al Mezan’s Director General receives delegation from the British Consulate

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9 March 2023 |Reference 08/2023


On Tuesday morning, 7 March 2023, Mr. Issam Younis, Al Mezan’s Director General, received a delegation from the British Consulate General in Jerusalem at Al Mezan headquarters in Gaza City. The British delegation included Mrs. Daisy Organ, Head of the Political Team, Mr. Chris Barker, and Mr. Kamal Al-Gherbawi, Gaza Office Manager of the British Consulate General.


The meeting served to bid farewell to Mrs. Organ, who has completed her work in Palestine, and to introduce Mr. Barker, who will take her place. Mr. Younis welcomed the guests and thanked Mrs. Organ for her important work in Palestine, wishing her success in all her future endeavors and hoping that she will champion the message of Palestinian victims. Mr. Younis greeted Mr. Barker and wished him well in his new position in Palestine.


The delegation was briefed on the human rights situation and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in the Gaza Strip. Concerns were expressed about the escalation of Israeli violations in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, which includes, among others, settlement expansion, illegal killing of Palestinian civilians, house demolitions and the severe closure and blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip—a collective punishment against Palestinian civilians prohibited under international law. Younis stressed that the lack of accountability for Israeli violations, as well as the impunity that Israel and its officials have long enjoyed, only contribute to the perpetration of further violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws.


Later that day, Mr. Younis met with Mr. Mohammed Alnsour, Chief of the MENA Section at the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights.