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PCHR Congratulates Mr. Issam Younis 2020 Laureate of the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights

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11 December 2020

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, its Director and staff, congratulate Mr. Issam Younis, Director of Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, the 2020 laureate of the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights. This prize is delivered to committed human rights defenders around the globe and was awarded to Mr. Younis in recognition of his role in the defense of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory.


This prize reaffirms France and Germany’s unwavering commitment to human rights defenders in Palestine, and it arrives at a time where human right defenders and organizations are under a vicious smear campaign by the Israeli government and right-wing organizations affiliated with it. This campaign aims at delegitimizing the Palestinian human rights movement, particularly the work led by human rights organizations before the International Criminal Court and other international justice bodies to hold Israeli war criminals accountable.