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Gaza Diaries 8: Too Dangerous to Check on Friends Who Were Attacked, Second Attack on House Kills Two; Injures One in Gaza City

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17 July 2014

Gaza Diaries: 8 On Wednesday, 16 July 2014, around 6:30pm, an IOF drone fired a missile at a small group of men who were standing near a recently targeted house Two of the men were killed.
The men had just arrived to check on their friend whose house had been bombarded by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) two days prior.
  [Shamalakh family house was destroyed two days prior to the attack: Al Mezan] According to information collected by Al Mezan, at approximately, 6:30 pm, on Wednesday, 16 July 2014, Israeli fighter jets fired one missile at three civilians near the house of Jamal Shamalakh, located in the west of Gaza City.
The house had been attacked by the IOF two days earlier and had sustained severe damages.
The second attack occurred when the son of the h Shamalakhwas showing his friends the impact of the attack.
Two men, including Hosam Shamalakh, 30, who is the son of the owner of the house, and his friend, Mohammed Abdel Rahman, 32, were killed in the attack.
The third person, Khamis Abu Hasira, 30, was critically injured.
Al Mezan interviewed Jamal Shamalakh, 65, who confirmed that his three-story house, which is home to three families of 17 members, including 9 children, had been attacked by the IOF on Monday, 14 July 2014 and had been severely damaged.
'My son’s friends came to visit and check on us around 6:30 pm and five minutes later, they were hit directly by a missile that killed two of them,' he said.
'We own two houses, which are separated by a small piece of land on which one of the missiles fired at our house was lying unexploded.
Hosam was outside with his friends to show them the unexploded missile; they were visible and it was clear they were civilians.
My son was killed instantly; we knew this before they were carried to the hospital,' he added.
Jamal highlighted that dozens of the family's friends were visiting throughout the two days after the first attack.
'I was just sitting in our other house when the explosion occurred and I rushed outside.
All I could see was dust, but I heard the two visitors screaming while my son was not.
I knew he was dead,' he said.
  [Unexploded IOF missile near the house: Al Mezan] Al Mezan visited the house and found no traces of any weapons except the remains of IOF missiles.
Both attacks are unlawful according to international law as the attacks targeted civilians.
The family has a right to know why they were attacked, to be able to hold those who attacked them accountable for launching unlawful attacks, and to have effective remedies offered to them.