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IOF Fires 50 Flare Bombs and Arrests Young Man who Crossed the Border in North Gaza District

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9 October 2010

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6:30pm on Saturday 9 October 2010, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened heavy fire and flare bombs at areas near the border fence and in the vicinity of Natif Ha'tasra Israel west of Erez crossing.
Flare bombs were used along the northern border fence between Gaza and Israel.
In addition, Israeli jets dropped large flares near the fence.
The flare bombs lightened large areas north of Beit Lahiya town and the Bedouin village (Um An-Nasir).
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, the IOF fired more than 50 flare bombs.
Israeli helicopters and reconnaissance drones hovered in that area continuously to cover the movement of Israeli troops who entered northern Beit Lahiya town inside the Gaza Strip.
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8:30pm on the same day, the IOF arrested Taha Ismail Abu Jazar, 21, who is a resident of Rafah town in the south of the Gaza Strip.
Abu Jazar had tried to infiltrate into Israel and was arrested near the border fence.
The IOF released Abu Jazar on the next day, Sunday 10 October 2010, near an Israeli military site east to the Middle Gaza district.