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Al Mezan Condemns Israeli Airstrikes and Calls on the International Community to Intervene

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4 April 2010 |Reference 25 /2010

In an escalation of the continuous Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked several targets in the early hours of Friday 2 April.
  In three separate attacks, between 12.
30 and 1 am in the morning, on targets in Gaza City, Middle Gaza and Khan Younis, two children were injured and several buildings, including a cheese factory and smithery, were destroyed.
  Al Mezan condemns the Israeli escalations and calls on the international community to intervene.
It also warns of the consequences of the international silence on the human rights conditions in the Gaza Strip.
  At approximately 1am, the IAF fired two missiles on a smithery that is located in the industrial area near the Az-Zawaida village in Khan Younis.
As a result, the smithery, belonging to Issa Abdel Hadi Al Batran, 38, was totally destroyed.
  At app.
12:35am, an Israeli jet plane fired one missile on the Dalol cheese factory, which is located in the As-Sabra neighborhood near the Islamic compound in Gaza City.
The factory belongs to Moatasim Ahmed Ibrahim Dalol, 31.
The factory was totally destroyed.
The factory includes a one-story cement building, which is 70 square meters, and a 150 square meter tin-roofed building.
  A Ford white car was also destroyed in this incident and a Volkswagen bus belonging to the owner of the factory was partially damaged.
Several adjacent houses were also partially damaged in this attack.
Two children were injured from smashed glass from the adjacent houses.
Al Mezan identified their names as follows: ·         Malak Musa'id Al Arabid,1.
5 and ·         Abdullah Ahmed Sarsour, 12.
     At approximately 12:34am on Friday 2 April 2010, IAF aircraft fired three consecutive missiles on a building that is used for making films, situated in an agricultural land west of Asdaa City, west of Khan Younis city.
As a result, a nearby rural house belonging to Salman Salama Abu Mustafa was destroyed.
The one-storey house is about 50 square meters and is built on a piece of land belonging to Ayman Fathi Abdel Hadi Nasir.
Several adjacent agricultural lands were also damaged in this attack.
No casualties or injuries were reported in this incident.
  'Clashes between the IOF and Palestinian resistance happen after Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip, which often involve the killing and injury of Palestinian civilians, especially around the buffer zone.
When the IOF faces resistance, they give themselves the right to respond indiscriminately, attacking civilians and civilian objects under the silence of the international community,' said Issam Younis, Al Mezan's director.
      Given the illegal blockade imposed on Gaza by the Israeli government that violates the human rights of the Gaza population; the almost daily IOF incursions and attacks on the areas near the borders; these air strikes comes amid continuous statements from the Israeli military and political officials threatening to invade the Gaza Strip.