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Israeli Forces Bombard Two Homes with Families Inside: Eight Killed, Including Five Children

Al Mezan Condemns the Criminal Attacks and Calls on the International Community to Ensure Protection of Civilians

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14 November 2019 |Reference 101/2019

12pm Local Time (10 am GMT)

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the Israeli forces’ continued military escalation on the Gaza Strip that began on 12 November. In developments on Thursday, 14 November 2019, the Israeli forces attacked two houses in the Middle Gaza district, killing eight of the inhabitants, including five children and two women. Another seven persons were killed in attacks across the Gaza Strip after Al Mezan’s latest press release issued yesterday at 12pm.


The total number of persons killed between the start of the escalation and 12pm today is 33 and includes eight children and three women. Another 82 people have been wounded, including 33 children and seven women. Seven houses, a turkey farm and a carpentry workshop were completely destroyed, while 67 houses and 15 school buildings were damaged.


Al Mezan’s monitoring indicates that at approximately 12:25am today, 14 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired four missiles at two houses, both built of tin sheets, in the southern part of Deir Al-Balah, Middle Gaza. The houses belong to Rasmi Al-Sawarka, 45, and his brother Mohammed, 40.  The houses were completely destroyed and eight inhabitants were killed, including five children and two women. Another 13 persons were wounded, including 11 children. The people who were killed have been identified as:


Rasmi Al-Sawarka, 45;

Mariam Al-Sawarka, 33;

Yusra Al-Sawarka-Al-Or, 39;

Wasim Al-Sawarka, 13;

Muhannad Al-Sawarka, 12;

Mu’ath Al-Sawarka, 2.

Salim Al-Sawarka, 3;


At approximately 1:55pm on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile into a group of people in southeast Khan Younis, killing two men and injuring a third. The two persons who were killed have been identified as: Mohammed Shurrab, 28, and Haitham Bakri, 22.


Israeli aircraft also attacked a group of people in the neighborhood of Al-Tuffah in the northeast of Gaza City at around 4:30pm yesterday. One man, Yousef Abu Kmeel, 35, was killed, and another man was injured.


At approximately 8:30pm yesterday, Israeli aircraft targeted a group of people near a clinic in the village of Al-Nasser, north of Rafah City. Two men were killed in the attack: Ahmad Al-Kurdi (Abada), 26, and Mohammed Abu Mu’ammar, 24.


At approximately 10:42pm, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at an electronics shop in the Rafah refugee camp. The shop, located under a two-story house, was destroyed and the building was damaged. Eight people were wounded in the attack, including two children and three women.


Al Mezan strongly condemns the criminal attacks on inhabited houses, which mark a return to a deplorable policy of direct bombardment of family homes with the inhabitants inside. Al Mezan calls for strong condemnation of these attacks by the international community, especially the contracting parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, and for pressure on Israel to refrain from this long-established practice, that has caused severe harm to civilian life and property. Al Mezan stresses that the lack of accountability for this type of conduct contributes to its recurrence.


Al Mezan reiterates its condemnation of all attacks that target and harm civilians and civilian properties and calls on the international community to act swiftly and effectively towards ensuring that the civilian population is protected against unlawful attacks and practices, including the 12-year closure and blockade of the Gaza Strip.