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Bombardment on Gaza Continues into Day Two: 18 Killed, Including Three Children

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13 November 2019 |Reference 100/2019

12pm Local Time (10 am GMT)


The Israeli military bombardment on the Gaza Strip continued to a second day of attacks on the Gaza Strip, with air and artillery strikes targeting people gathered in groups, houses, security sites and open fields. The attacks left 18 persons killed and about 40 wounded, raising the total number of killed to 20 and injured to 50 by 12pm local time on 13 November 2019. Three children and a woman were among those injured.  


The monitoring conducted by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights indicates that the following incidents occurred during the 24 hours between midday on 12 November and midday on 13 November:


In the North Gaza district:

  • -- At approximately 1:30pm on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a group of persons, killing Zaki Ghanama, 25, and injuring three others;
  • -- At approximately 4:10pm, also on Tuesday, medical sources announced the death of Ibrahim Al-Dabous, 25. He was wounded in a missile strike that targeted him and another man on a motorcycle in the neighborhood of Al Salatin, Beit Lahiya;
  • -- At approximately 6:25pm on Tuesday, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a group of people, killing Awad Al Bilbisi, 26, and Abdel-Salam Ahmad, 28, in the town of Beit Hanoun;
  • -- At approximately 9:15pm on Tuesday, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a group of people in the town of Beit Lahiya, killing Wael Abdel-Nabi, 43, Rani Abu Nasser, 35, and Jehad Abu Khater, 22.


In the Gaza City district:

  • -- At approximately 8:05am on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a group of people in the neighborhood of Al Zeitoun in eastern Gaza, killing Alaa’ Ishtiwi, 30;
  • -- At approximately 9:20am, also on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft fired two missiles at a carpentry shop belonging to Ayman Abdel ‘Aal. The attack, in the neighborhood of Al-Tuffah, northwest Gaza, killed five persons—three being the sons of the owner, of whom two were children. The five killed have been identified as: Mahmoud Hathat, 19, Ibrahim Abdel ‘Aal, 17, Ismail Abdel ‘Aal, 16, Ahmed Abdel ‘Aal, 23, and Suheil Qaneeta, 23. Two other persons were wounded;
  • -- At approximately 9:30am on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a motorcycle on which a father and his two sons were riding. They were close to their house at the time in Al Zeitoun, eastern Gaza City. The three were killed. They have been identified as: Ra’fat Ayyad, 54, Salam Ayyad, 24, and Amir Ayyad, 7. Al Mezan was informed that the three were on their way to visit a relative at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City;
  • -- At approximately 11:15am on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a motorcycle in Al Sheja’iya, eastern Gaza City. Of the two persons on the motorcycle at the time of attack, one was killed: Mu’men Qaddoum, 26. The other person was wounded.


In the Middle Gaza district:

  • -- At approximately 2:10pm on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, an Israeli artillery shell hit a house in the village of Al-Msaddar. A woman and her two children were wounded: Tamam Al-Telbani, 32, Hisham Al-Telbani, 10, and sustaining critical injuries was Mohammed Al-Telbani, 14. The house was seriously damaged due to the shelling;
  • -- At approximately 6am on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, a missile from an Israeli aircraft killed Khaled Faraj, 38, in the village of Al-Mughraqa. He was a resident of the nearby An-Nuseirat refugee camp.


In the Khan Younis district:

  • -- At approximately 1pm on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a farm in the town of Al-Qarara, close to the town’s secondary school. The farm and the school were damaged. A girl, Khadija Abdalla, 12, sustained injuries to her arms;
  • -- At approximately 4:55pm, also on Tuesday, Israeli aircraft bombarded the house of Shehada Al-’Amour, 50, in the neighborhood of Al-Fukhary in the south of Khan Younis City. The house was completely destroyed. The family evacuated just before the raid and no casualties were reported;
  • -- At approximately 6:30pm on Tuesday, Israeli aircraft fired four missiles at an open field in eastern Khan Younis. A farmer’s storage room and a turkey farm were destroyed, with about 800 turkeys reportedly dead. Six persons were wounded, including a woman and a girl. Several houses were also damaged;
  • -- At approximately 8:10pm on Tuesday, the house of Munir Zo’rob, 50, was bombarded in Al-Mawasi, eastern Khan Younis. Zo’rob reported that his house was first targeted with a missile from a drone and that he received a phone call from a man identifying himself as a member of the Israeli intelligence service, who instructed him to evacuate the house before an imminent bombardment. Israeli aircraft then fired a missile at the three-story house, destroying it. Several houses and a greenhouse in the vicinity were damaged.


In the Rafah district:

  • -- At approximately 8:15am on Wednesday, 12 November 2019, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the house of Ibrahim Abu Hadayid, 33, in Msabeh, northern Rafah City. The house was destroyed. The bombardment took place minutes after a missile from a drone was fired at an adjacent house that was under construction.


Al Mezan reiterates its strong condemnation of the military escalation in the Gaza Strip and calls on the international community to urgently intervene in order to stop the attacks and ensure full respect of international law.


Al Mezan stresses that many of the attacks seem to violate the rules of international law, which prohibit directing armed attacks at civilians and civilian properties. This pattern of international law violations is encouraged by an entrenched culture of impunity, which must be challenged. The international community must act to ensure accountability for international crimes and deter their recurrence.