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Israeli Forces Kill 25 Palestinians and Destroy Hundreds of Buildings in a Two-day Escalation on Gaza

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6 May 2019 |Reference 50/2019

Time: 2pm (+2 GMT)


During the two-day military escalation on Gaza, Israeli forces carried out at least 153 airstrikes, launching 285 missiles, and 104 shelling attacks on different areas in the Gaza Strip.  25 persons, including two children and three women—one of them nine-month pregnant, were killed in these attacks, and 111 were injured. Israeli forces targeted private and public properties, including 21 residential and commercial buildings, and destroyed 99 apartments, thus displacing 99 families of 352 members, including 91 children. 79 security sites and 60 open areas as well as media offices and cultural organizations were attacked.


During the military escalation, Israel imposed complete closure on Gaza, shutting down all civilian and commercial crossings and closing Gaza’s territorial water for fishing. At the same time, a general atmosphere of fear paralyzed public services and civilian and economic activities inside Gaza.


The attacks exacerbated the critical humanitarian and security conditions. Al Mezan condemns all unlawful military attacks and warns against resumption of hostilities. Al Mezan is deeply concerned by the continued inaction of the international community as Gaza is further pushed to worse deterioration of security and humanitarian conditions. Al Mezan warns that it has been civilians who have borne the brunt of Israel’s violence, blockade, and closure, in stark violation of international law.


Al Mezan calls on international community to condemn the unlawful military attacks, which have led to the death of whole families as well as to the displacement of many more, in what could amount to war crimes. Al Mezan urges the international community to seek an end to violations of international law and make a prompt intervention to ensure the protection of civilians from collective punishment, indiscriminate attacks, and use of unlawful force. The international community must end its silence vis-à-vis the aggravating human rights situation and condemn all violations of international law.


Al Mezan also calls on the international community to take firm actions to ensure international law is respected, civilians are protected, and justice is served, including through the lifting of the closure and blockade policy and ensuring effective access to justice.