These Statistics comprise the total number of human casualties and physical damage suffered by Palestinian civilians. The statistics are based on Al Mezan’s monitoring and documentation which mainly relies on information deduced from case forms – through personal interviews – regarding the Israeli violations of the international humanitarian law and the international human rights law. The statistics also include domestic violations of human rights and manifestations of the absence of the rule of law.

Al Mezan’s monitoring and documentation relies mainly on field visits carried out by Al Mezan’s field workers who document victims and witnesses accounts. In addition, Al Mezan cross-checks all information pertaining to violations, and does not rely on testimonies from people with conflict of interests, e.g. government officials. Al Mezan always seeks to obtain as many eyewitness accounts as possible to reconstruct an accurate and detailed account of the truth. In this context, Al Mezan strives to verify all the information collected from victims and witnesses through cross-checking all pieces of evidence including medical records, expert reports on weapons, press reports, videos, etc.

Al Mezan would like to bring to attention that it is always willing to cooperate with United Nations’ agencies, international institutions concerned with human rights, community based organization, government institutions, researchers, and all relevant stakeholders.

Monthly Statistical Reports

Human Casualties

Destruction of Residential Houses

Damaged Agricultural Lands

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