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Al Mezan Delivers Training Course on' The Rule of Medical Professional in Detecting and Combating Torture'


On Sunday 4 April 2010, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights delivered a training course entitled ' The Rule of Medical Professional in Detecting and Combating Torture'.
Legal Advocate Waleed Ad-Dahnoun, the course supervisor, opened the course at the Al Quds International Hotel.
He welcomed the 25 medical professionals.
Then he presented the purpose and curriculum of the course.
The course aims to enhance medical professionals’ skills and knowledge of the Convention against Torture and the redress of the victims of torture under  Palestinian and Israeli laws.
It also aims at enhancing the role of medical professionals in dealing with the victims and the psychological effects of torture on victims.
      The course consists of 24 hours to be delivered over four days.
The course is intended to introduce participants to: the Convention against Torture, ways of combating torture in the Israeli and Palestinian laws.
In addition, the course introduces the participants to  international humanitarian law and  international criminal law since  torture is listed in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
  A team of Al Mezan trainers and experts from Palestinian universities and civil society will deliver the training.
  This course constitutes a component of the project entitled ’Combating Torture' implemented by Al Mezan Centre.
The project aims to raise awareness of the Convention against Torture , help the victims who are subject to torture and ill treatment by the Israeli occupation forces, particularly patients, students, detainees, and fishermen in Gaza.

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