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Al Mezan Concludes a Training Course Entitled 'Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Basic Concepts'


  On Thursday 25 March 2010, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights concluded a training workshop entitled 'Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law(IHL): Basic Concepts'.
Shirin Al Shobaki, Coordinator of the Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan, concluded the course at Al Mezan's office in Jabalia.
She thanked the 21 participants of the Sharik Youth Forum in the North Gaza District.
She also thanked the Forum for their continuous cooperation with Al Mezan.
  She emphasized the importance of this training course as  the first step towards enhancing human rights concepts particularly women's and children's rights.
She hoped that this  group of trainees would start using children's rights and human rights concepts in their activities with children.
She also hoped that these trainers would  develop their knowledge in children's rights in order to enhance and increase  children's knowledge to have a promising generation.
  The course provided 18 hours training over a period of three days.
The course  introduced participants to: the historical and legal framework of IHL and international human rights law (IHRL); the content of IHL and IHRL; the international Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; children’s rights and women rights; and the right to protection for women and children under the IHL.
    A team of Al Mezan trainers and experts from Palestinian universities and civil society delivered the training.
  At the end of the course, Mrs.
Al Shobaki handed  certificates to the participants.

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