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Al Mezan Center continues its campaign to widen and reinforce public participation in the elections, conducting an open meeting in the Small Parliament Hall in Rafah

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21 December 2005 |Reference 37/2005

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights conducted a second meeting this week in Rafah as part of a series of open meetings aimed at reinforcing public participation in the upcoming elections.
The meeting was conducted on 20th December at 6:30pm in the Small Parliament Hall in Rafah.
The meeting was facilitated by the Coordinator of the campaign Mr.
Sami Al Dabsh, and the invited speakers were Mr.
Mohammad Shaheen, Coordinator of Rafah Electoral Unit, Dr.
Walid Al Mdalal, Professor of Political Science at the Islamic University in Gaza, and Mohammad Abdullah, representative of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.
The meeting focused on the importance of public participation in the upcoming elections to choose new PLC members.
Participation should be based on the general national interest and should disregard group and personal interests.
Further, it should meet the needs for reinforcing democracy in the Palestinian political regime and confront current and future challenges.
In addition, the meeting focused on the mixed system adapted by law number 9 of 2005 as well as on different stages of the electoral process.
The speakers discussed the role of the international and national monitoring bodies to guarantee open and free elections.
It should be noted that this meeting is the eleventh of its kind conducted in Gaza’s districts by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights which will be carrying out a total of 27 meetings under the same title.