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Three Israeli Air Strikes Injure 10 Palestinians and Damage Palestinian Houses and Other Property, Al Mezan Condemns Escalation of Israeli Aggression

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22 November 2009 |Reference 94/2009

On 22 November 2009, Israeli warplanes launched three air strikes at different locations in the Gaza Strip injuring 10 persons and destroying several Palestinian houses and other property.
  According to Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights’ field investigations, at approximately 12:30am on Sunday 22 November 2009, an Israeli jet airplane launched two missiles at a Palestinian metal workshop belonging to Mohammed Abdel Fatah An-Namroti, 42, near Salah Ad- Din Street in the industrial area of Az-Zawaida village.
The 400 square meter metal workshop where six Palestinians used to work was completely destroyed.
In addition, the Golden Land Company for Fodder owned by Khadir Hassan Abu Ajwa, 58, was partially destroyed as a result of this air strike.
This air strike also damaged the electric network.
           In a separate attack, at midnight on Sunday 22 November 2009, Israeli jet airplanes launched two missiles at a Palestinian washing machine factory located east of Abu Eshbak petrol station in Jabalia town.
The factory was completely destroyed as a result.
A Palestinian man and his three children were also injured as a result and three adjacent houses were partially destroyed.
A nearby stone factory, belonging to Mohsin Fua'd Kazakaz was damaged and two walls of the adjacent house owned by Yousif Mohammed An-Najar, 36, were destroyed as a result of the explosions.
The house was severely damaged.
An-Najar and his three children Maher, 15, Olfat, 14, and Ansam, 15, sustained injuries in different parts of their bodies.
According to medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital, Ansam sustained severe injuries.
Three other houses belonging to Eyad, Hatem and Ryiad Ahmed As-Sultan were partially destroyed.
Another stone factory belonging to Said Mohammed Mustafa As-Sultan was damaged as a result of this attack.
  In another Israeli attack, at approximately 1:30am on Monday 22 November 2009, an Israeli war plane launched a missile at Yebna area located near the Gaza-Egypt border in the south of Rafah Town.
Six Palestinians were injured as a result; they were admitted to Abu Yousif An-Najar Hospital in Rafah for medical treatment.
According to medical sources their injuries are moderate.
  The six injured persons were identified as: 1.
       Hosni Suleiman Ar-Riati, 21, from Rafah.
Hewas referred to  European Gaza Hospital; 2.
       Hassan Amen Shahin, 17, from Rafah.
He was referred to European Gaza Hospital; 3.
       Khalid Rashed Ebrika, 26, from Khan Younis; 4.
       Ibrahim Jalal Kawarea', 22, from Khan Younis; 5.
       Ahmed Tewfik Abu Daf, 22, from Gaza; and 6.
       Jihad Khalid Saleh, 22.
  Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights condemns these Israeli air strikes which violate the rules of international humanitarian law.
Al Mezan emphasizes that the silence of the international community and its failure to fulfill its obligations towards civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories encourage Israel to continue its violations of international law.