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Al Mezan Organizes Training Workshop on 'Protection of Civilians and Education in IHL' for UNRWA Teachers

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15 November 2009 |Reference 49/2009

On Sunday 15 November 2009, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights organized a training workshop entitled 'Protection of Civilians and the Right to Education in IHL'.
The workshop is part of the activities the Centre implements under the 'Promotion of IHL and ESCR by Education in Gaza' Project, with support from Diakonia.
The workshop was held at Al Mezan's main office in Gaza City.
  The workshop targeted 20 human rights teachers at UNRWA schools.
The course aimed to introduce the participants to a historical and legal framework of IHL, its content and basic principles, the protected groups, and application of IHL in occupation situations.
The workshop also addressed the right to education, which is protected under both human rights law and IHL.
  The participants also discussed the criminal and civil responsibilities of Israel, as an occupying power, towards the population of OPT; particularly under the wide scale destruction of public and private property and the continued disregard by Israel of IHL in OPT.
  The participants discussed the possible ways to disseminate IHL and human rights principles and values through their works at UNRWA schools.
At the end of the workshop, asserted the need for intervention by international community uphold and ensure respect for IHL and human rights standards and provide effective protection it owes to civilians in OPT.