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Al Mezan Holds Workshop Entitled, 'Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights Issues,' at its Jabalia Refugee Camp Office

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7 May 2009 |Reference 22/2009

In recognition of the importance of strengthening its relations with civil society organizations in the north Gaza district, and promoting coordination between those organizations, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a workshop at its Jabalia refugee camp office entitled, 'Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights.
' The meeting was held at 11.
00am on Thursday 7 May 2009.
  Representatives of 25 civil society organizations from north Gaza participated in the meeting.
Samir Zaqout, Field Work Unit Coordinator at Al Mezan, opened the workshop, presented the aims of the meeting and the desired outcomes.
Zaqout emphasized the importance of the meeting and talked about the benefits of strengthening networking and coordination between civil society organizations in order to enhance the level of services provided.
A large number of participants in the meeting commended the initiative to hold this meeting and emphasized the importance of avoiding politicization in the work of civil society organizations and the need to coordinate efforts to address challenges.
Participants discussed some specific issues which require additional coordination such as education for the deaf, issues facing berry farmers and environmental problems in the north of Gaza.
    Al Mezan's director, Mr.
Issam Younis, talked about the role of Al Mezan and civil society organizations in providing services to individuals and communities.
The attendees then discussed human rights issues in the district and ways in which Al Mezan can intervene to solve them; such as through legal interventions, presenting the issues to relevant parties, or presenting them to the general public.
  At the end of the meeting, the participants stressed the importance of continuing these initiatives in order to enhance civil society work in the north Gaza district.