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Al Mezan condemns the silence of the international community regarding escalating IOF aggression in the OPT.

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30 August 2006 |Reference 100/2006

Al Mezan strongly condemns the IOF attacks that are continuing in Al Shaja'ia neighborhood for the second consecutive day, and the use of excessive and disproportionate force that is targeting journalists, civilians, and members of political factions.
Sixteen Palestinians have been reported killed since the beginning of the IOF invasion of the neighborhood.
On 30 August at approximately 9:00 am, the IOF opened fire on civilian residents of eastern Al Shaja'ia, killing five Palestinians.
According to Al Mezan field sources, residents of eastern Al Shaja'ia rushed to their homes when the IOF withdrew from the area, but were caught by arbitrary fire coming from various directions, which resulted in the killing of: Rami Jamil Al Gharbali, 21 Yaser Jamal Al Gharbali, 20 Ra'id Sbeita, 20 Mohannad Jondia, 23 Mohammed Abu Al Qomboz,23 On August 29 at approximately 6:40 pm, an IOF scouting jet fired a rocket at a group of civilians gathering in Al Mansoura Street in Al Shaja'ia neighborhood of Gaza city, killing three Palestinian civilians; Yosri Mohammed Jaber, 25 Ahmed Abd Ar Rahman Al Kuwiti, 19, and Mohammed Abd Ar Razeq, 14.
In yet anther attack, on the same day, at approximately 10:25pm, IOF vessels opened fire at mentally disabled Husam Abd Rabu Abu Rukba, 24, when he approached the evacuated Israeli settlement "Dughit", in northern Beit Lahia.
Abu Rukba was left bleeding for one hour until the IOF allowed medical personnel to reach him.
Furthermore, the IOF continue maintaining the siege over the coastline and airspace of the Gaza Strip, preventing Palestinian fishermen from fishing since June 25, due to gunfire towards the fishing boats in open sea.
Furthermore, the IOF have continued maintaining the tight closure of Karni and Nahal Crossings since 16 August, which has resulted in severe shortages of food, fuel, and medical supplies.
The closure of Karni has badly affected the industrial and agricultural sectors, as it has prevented the export pf local products as well as the import of agricultural requirements and raw materials.
Al Mezan is gravely concerned about the escalating IOF offensive against Palestinian civilians, and condemns the silence of the international community with regards to these crimes.
Al Mezan confirms that the use of excessive and disproportionate force against Palestinians, the extra-judicial assassinations and the targeting of civilian premises are war crimes under international humanitarian law.
Al Mezan calls upon the international community, notably the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to immediately intervene, halt Israeli violations and provide international protection to Palestinian civilians and their property in the OPT; it also demands the UN Commission of Human Rights to take serious steps towards ending human rights violations in the OPT.