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Two killed and tens wounded in Gaza internal clashes

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1 October 2006 |Reference 117/2006

Sunday 1 October 2006: Clashes erupted in Gaza this morning, and have continued almost all day between protesting Palestinian security personnel and the new security formation known as the Executive Force (EF) .
As of midday today, two Palestinians have been killed, including a child, and some 41 have been wounded in the towns of Khan Younis and Gaza .
Meanwhile, protestors have caused damage to the building of the Bank of Palestine.
Provocations between members of the EF on one hand, and a demonstration of civil servants, security apparatus members and members of Fatah movement on the other, developed into exchange of fire in the An Nasser neighbourhood of Gaza city.
Clashes soon spread to the other parts of the city and resulted in the killing of 35-year-old Ala' Jaras and 15-year-old Hassan Abu Al Hattal.
Twenty people were also wounded, mostly residents of the areas in which the clashes took place and passersby.
The sound of shooting is still being heard from the Centre's office in Gaza.
In the village of Bani Soheila, east of the southern Gazan town of Khan Younis, clashes began around 9:30am between protestors and members of the EF.
The Centre's fieldworker who was in the town reported that tens of protesting security members gathered in the main street of the village while some of them fired in the air and burnt tyres.
They then clashed with the EF members.
These clashes included the exchange of small arms fire and resulted in 21 injuries.
At least one of the 21 injured sustained critical wounds.
In the same town of Khan Younis, fracases between two families erupted in the early afternoon of Friday, 29 September 2006.
Six people were injured from fire arms.
Other personal clashes were also reported in Khan Younis that caused injuries.
Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights is gravely concerned by the increasing security chaos and by the collapse of the rule of law in the Gaza Strip.
The Gaza Strip is currently in a state of polarization and on the verge of disaster.
The current situation represents a threshold to a great variety of violations of Palestinians' civil, economic, social, political and cultural rights, all of which had already been suffering greatly as a result of the occupation.
The Centre reminds the Palestinian National Authority of its basic obligations to ensure security and maintain law and order in OPT.
In addition, the Centre emphasizes the duty to respect and protect the human right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, which must remain peaceful and lawful in its practice at all times.
Al Mezan calls upon Palestinian civil society and the political bodies to further their involvement in this situation and do all that they are able to bring calm and peace to the region.
Al Mezan also calls upon the international community to end its humanitarian sanctions, which has led to an unprecedented state of poverty and scarcity, which in turn has contributed to the increasing lack of security in Gaza.