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Patient from Northern Gaza Dies due to Palestinian Negligence


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10pm, on 20 March 2008, Palestinian medical sources from Kamal Edwan Hospital announced the death of 48-year-old Shafiq Mohammad Saleh Abu Al Kas .
He was suffering from heart disease, however his death was preventable.
Doctors discovered an embolism in the four main arteries of his heart in November 2007 and he underwent catheterization in European Gaza Hospital.
Abu Al Kas died due to the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Doctors ordered Abu Al Kas to undergo open heart surgery outside the Strip.
After making the necessary coordination, he got a medical transfer to Al Arabi Specialized Hospital of the Palestinian Bank in Nablus (West Bank) during December 14-24, 2007.
Associates at the Ministry of Health told Abu Al Kas that the IOF did not respond to his request for a permit.

They again gave him coordination at the same hospital during January 16-26, 2008, but the IOF rejected his request and denied him access.
The patient's condition worsened and on 11 March 2008 his heart stopped.
He arrived at the ICU in Kamal Edwan Hospital where the doctors revived his heart, but Abu Al Kas entered into a coma.
His parents tried to obtain a permit to the same hospital for March 20-30, 2008, but the IOF rejected his request for the third time.

Abu Al Kas' parents addressed the Israeli Association of Physicians for Human Rights.
They replied that Israel did not receive any request for a permit.
After the patient received coordination with the hospital in Nablus, the Palestinian liaison failed to coordinate a permit with the Israelis.
By the time they received the permit on 25 March 2008, Abu Al Kas had died.

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