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Eight Killed and Fourteen Injured in Explosion in Beit Lahia


On Thursday, 12/6/2008, at approximately 1:30pm, eight citizens were killed and fourteen were injured when an explosion rocked the house of the late Khaled Abdel Azim Khaled Hammouda.
Among the wounded were ten children and ten women.
The house is located in Beit Lahia Square in northern Gaza Strip.

The victims of the explosion were identified as: 16-year-old Mahmoud Attaya Mahmoud Hammouda, who was in the front of the house; 4-month-old Nour Majdi Adel Hamouda, who was in a neighboring house; 28-year-old Majdi Adel Mohammed Hamouda, father of Nour, who was in the main house and only pieces from his body were found; 29-year-old Hassan Mohammed Mohammed Abu Shaqfa; 22-year-old Mohammed Hamdan Meqdad, from As Shati refugee camp; 23-year-old Asraf Naeim Moshtaha, from Gaza City; 22-year-old Ahmed Mounir Sbeih, from Gaza City; and, 24-year-old Mohammed Sabri Abu An Naja, from Rafah.

All of the victims were found under the ruins of the house.

Medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital reported that five of the wounded suffered from serious injuries.

The explosion destroyed the two-story house completely.
Four neighboring houses were damaged seriously and another twenty received partial damages.
Additional damages include complete destruction of three shops, located on the ground level of the main house, and two vehicles.

The Ministry of Interior and Izz al-Din Al Qassam Brigades announced the opening of an investigation into the cause of the explosion.

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