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AL Mezan Concludes the 2007 Course on 'Development of Lawyers' Legal Skills'

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28 November 2007 |Reference 36/2007

Al Mezan organized the closing ceremony ending the 2007 annual training course for lawyers under the title 'Development of lawyers' Legal Skills'.
Thirty new lawyers attended the 100-hour training, which lasted for six months.
The course covered a variety of subjects with a special focus on International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Palestinian Penal Procedure Law, democracy and the rule of law, Insurance Law, and Civil Service Law as well as other relevant topics.
The trainees also visited several relevant offices; including human rights institutions, the Attorney General Office, prisons and the ICRC.
Experts and specialized trainers from Al Mezan's staff delivered the training over the past six months.
Issam Younis, the director of Al Mezan, opened the ceremony by welcoming the audience and Dr.
Kamal Al Shrafi, the Head of Al Mezan's Board of Directors and the President's Aide for Human Rights Affairs.
Younis thanked all the graduate lawyers for their commitment and active participation during the course, and wished them successful contribution to human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Palestine.
He also commented on the current political and human rights affairs in Gaza, which require greater efforts towards better promotion of human rights at such a critical juncture as the one Palestinians live now.
He stressed that lawyers' role is crucial in making justice and that they must receive all the support they need to be competent in ensuring respect of human rights and International Humanitarian Law.
Kamal AlShrafi also spoke and stressed the importance of lawyers' familiarity with the relevant international human rights standards; especially in light of the continued violations that the Occupied Palestinian Territories witness on a daily basis.
He also emphasized the significance human rights' defenders reaching out for their community, to which this specialized course can contribute by enabling them to best defend people's human rights.
He hoped that the trainees will continue to communicate with Al Mezan and work with it to spread its human rights message in OPT.