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Al Mezan Center Concludes Training Course on Human Rights and the Conditions of People with Disability in Gaza

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9 January 2008 |Reference 1/2008

On 7 January 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a training course under the title Human Rights and the Conditions of People with Disability.
The course was held in collaboration with Gaza City's Community College of Applied Science and Technology (CCAST) in its facilities.
They distributed the certificates to the participants during a ceremony inside the college.
There were 27 students in this course from the Department of the Rehabilitation of Disabled Students of (CCAST).
The course aimed to promote and disseminate information on the principles of human rights, their basic concepts, mechanisms and institutions; and how to use this knowledge to further and defend human rights, specifically among people with special needs for those who work in this field.
The staff workers from Al Mezan Center carried out this training course.
The training program familiarized participants with the theoretical framework of human rights and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and key concepts that contribute to its promotion and protection.
The program also identified the most important international human rights conventions, and the mechanisms established by both IHL and Palestinian Law for promoting and protecting these rights.
Trainers gave particular attention to the rights of the disabled in accordance with international standards and according to the Palestinian disabled rights law.
; and the relevant contemporary developments at the international level.
During the certificate ceremony, Mr.
Nasser Ghanem, Deputy Chief of the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Department, and Mr.
Ashraf Zaqout, a lecturer in the Department, expressed their thanks to Al Mezan Center for organizing the course.
They also expressed their hopes for continued cooperation with the Center in the near future.
Ramiz Younis, a trainer at the Center, assured the importance of promoting awareness of human rights among different groups in society, especially those who deal with marginalized groups, such as children, women, and those with special needs.