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Al Mezan Center Organizes a Meeting to Protect Gaza's Journalists

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4 February 2008 |Reference 2/2008

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a meeting today that brought together journalists and representatives of media organizations from around the Gaza Strip to discuss issues related to freedom of expression and the press.
This brainstorming meeting was held also to raise awareness of legal mechanisms available to journalists and to inform those present of a new project conducted by Al Mezan.
Al Mezan Center launched a specialized project to promote and protect the right to freedom of expression and the press, and document any violation of these rights.
Al Mezan presented the project to the journalists and media representatives.
The participants stated that there was a continued need to monitor and document violations against journalists and media institutions.
They articulated the need to uphold freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of the press to work without irrational restrictions.
They called for the need to promote awareness of their rights and the duties of legal mechanisms to guarantee freedom of the press.
These issues will help the protection of journalists in the Gaza Strip; especially as after they and human rights organizations noticed a significant increase of violations of the freedom of expression and against journalists.
Al Mezan presented them with a tool it had designed to collect information and data about the violations of free expression and/ against journalists performing their work.
The tool is expected to aid in the Center's mission to monitor and protect human rights in the Gaza Strip.