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Al Mezan Meets with OCHA and a Swiss Parliamentary Delegation in Gaza

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15 May 2008 |Reference 25/2008

Today, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights received a delegation from the United Nations Office of Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).
Al Mezan's Director, Mr.
Issam Younis, and Communications Coordinator, Mr.
Mahmoud Abu Rahma received the delegation at the Center's main office in Gaza City.
The delegation contained Mr.
Philippe Lazzarini, OCHA Head of Office; Mr.
Javier Honorato, Head of FCU-Gaza; Mr.
Hamada Al Bayari and Mr.
Ahmed Abu Shamalleh, humanitarian officers in OCHA's office in Gaza.
At the meeting, OCHA team presented the new Head of Office, who talked about OCHA's activities in the Gaza Strip, focusing on the impacts of the current situation on the Palestinian population's wellbeing and human dignity.
He stressed the need to reconsider the reality of current situation, which cannot be alleviated by simply dealing with it as a 'humanitarian crisis'.
Younis briefed the delegation about the current human rights and humanitarian conditions in Gaza, stressing on the consequences of the prolonged occupation and its policies of siege and violence.
He described the human rights situation as dire; especially as the aggression of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue, and Palestinian political split increasingly inflects upon the human rights of the population.
Mahmoud Abu Rahma talked about the need to work towards creating a protective environment in OPT, where Palestinians enjoy their rights and freedom free from occupation and aggression.
Younis and Mr.
Lazzarini agreed that it was essential to maintain and develop the cooperation between Al Mezan and OCHA towards ensuring reliable reporting on the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.
On Sunday, Mr.
Younis met with a Swiss parliamentary delegation and Mr.
Mario Careera, the SDC Country Director, in Gaza City.
Younis commended the delegation's visit to Gaza at this particularly difficult time.
He briefed the delegation about the current human rights and humanitarian situation in Gaza.