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Palestinian Patient Dies While Awaiting Israeli Crossing Permit

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25 February 2018


At 8:40pm on Sunday, 25 February 2018, Tahseen Mustafa Al Shrafi, 57, lost his life while waiting for an Israeli permit to receive the necessary medical treatment outside Gaza. According to Al Mezan’s documentation, Al Shrafi had been suffering from bladder and prostate cancer since February 2017. Following deterioration in his health, he was issued Form #1, for medical referral, a confirmation of financial coverage, and an appointment at St. Joseph Hospital on 30 March 2017. When he went there, his health became stable. However, in November 2017, when his health deteriorated again, his doctors recommended his referral, and again he had all his paperwork ready to receive treatment at the Augusta Victoria Hospital on 30 November 2017, but no Israeli permit was given to allow his transfer through Erez.  He continuously received a status of “under security consideration” for his permit application, which he renewed on 21 December 2017, only to receive the same status from Israeli authorities. On 11 February 2018, Al Shrafi had a new Form #1 and financially covered referral to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem scheduled to 6 March 2018. However, he died on 25 February 2018, while in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.