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Palestinian Patient Loses His Life Awaiting Israeli Crossing Permit

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1 March 2018


At 9:45pm on Thursday, 1 March 2018, Rushdi Rashad Rasras, 57, died while in the intensive care unit at the European Gaza Hospital. Previously, he got Form #1, issued for medical referral, and was scheduled to a therapy session at Augusta Victoria Hospital on 29 January 2018. However, his application  remained “under security consideration”, a status he received in a text message on 28 January 2018. Rushdi suffered from prostate cancer, for which he sought diagnosis and therapy in Egypt. At first, he was prescribed a monthly injection. Afterwards, doctors in Gaza prescribed to him chemical therapy, which he would then receive at the European Gaza Hospital every three weeks. When six sessions of chemical therapy had proven ineffective, he was issued a referral to receive radiation at Augusta Victoria.