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One Patient Dies After Prolonged Delay of Issuing Crossing Permit

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20 August 2017

At 1:00pm on Friday, 20 August 2017, Khaled Suliman Abu Shumais, 49-year old father of five sons from Al Nusairat refugee camp, was announced dead in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city. Khaled had been suffering from leukemia and spinal cord cancer, with which he was diagnosed in 2009 in Al Shifa Hospital. He had since applied for a crossing permit to receive the necessary medical treatment. Up until February 2017, his applications were approved, and he could go to hospitals in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Between February and August 2017, however, his seven requests for a crossing permit were kept “under security consideration”. No approval was granted, and with lack of access to the necessary medical treatment, Khaled’s health deteriorated dramatically until he died on 20 August 2017.