50 years of Prolonged Occupation, By Issam Younis

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30 August 2017

On June 5, 2017, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories marked 50 years of what has become an indefinite and unpredictable presence. At 50 years, it is the longest among the occupations in modern history. During this period, the Palestinian territories have witnessed systematic violations of the rule of international law: the occupation has given itself far-reaching legislative and administrative powers which it has used to alter the geography and demography of the Palestinian territories.


They go far beyond those foreseen by the law of occupation which puts focus on preserving the character of occupied territory until the soon-tocome point of ending the occupation comes. It has therefore been able to create new facts on the ground that can never achieve either security or peace and that violate the legal rules that govern relations between the occupying power and the civilian population and their property, laws that stable nations have recognized for a very long time.