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AOHR condemns prevent "Amin Mekki Medani" of travel for emergency surgery, The Prevention is a "Slow Murder"

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15 January 2017

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) condemns the Sudanese unlawful decision to prevent the prominent human rights defender Dr. "Amin Mekki Medani" from traveling to Cairo, Egypt to conduct his needed medical surgery.


Dr. Medani suffer from the failure of both kidneys and urgent preparations were taken for urgent medical surgery in Egypt mid this month, and the prevention was made along with confiscating his passport rather the fact his health deterioration is well known in the Sudan, and the prevention was made by the security agencies without any legal permission.


The AOHR believes that the prevention of Dr. "Medani" is a Slow Murder, especially he is 77 years old, and his health conditions deteriorated after being subject to detention for 105 days late 2015 and early 2016 after signing the "Addis Ababa Declaration" calling for Political Reform and Democratic Transition in the Sudan.


Dr. Medani is the president of the Civil Society Confederation in Sudan, and the founding president of the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, and the former president of its Board of Trustees for two courses. Dr. Medani is a former Minister in the Democratic Elected Cabinet in the Sudan between 1986 and 1989, which was removed by the Military Coup led by the current president "Omar al-Bashir," in June 1989.


Dr. "Medani" has also occupied leading positions with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), where he founded the OHCHR field office in occupied Palestine, and led the OHCHR's work in the Arab region and the Middle East for about 7 years, and contributed to the UN operations in many areas of conflict, including in Iraq and Kosovo .


The Sudanese authorities' unlawful procedures constitutes a continuation of the repressive regime policy, and campaign against all the free voices, which has increased after the failure in economic and social levels - including the fragment the unity of the country, such violation emphasis the failure of the presidency's national dialogue rounds that eventually led to the consecration of the president's powers through "constitutional amendments".


The AOHR shall spare no efforts to confront this dangerous action, and demands that the High Commissioner for Human Rights and President of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to act urgently to confront this serious violation, and ensure the safety of Dr. "Medani" and enable him to conduct his highly needed medical surgery in a proper time.