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Israeli Tanks Attack  Residential Area in Beit Hanoun

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6 September 2016


At approximately 1:40 am on Tuesday, 6 September 2016, Israeli tanks fired two artillery shells at residential houses in Al Sultan Hameed St., south Erez  crossing, in the western part of Beit Hanoun in North Gaza district. As a result, three houses were partially damaged, but no injuries were reported. According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the shells hit the houses of Rasheed Suhail Al Shatni and Ibrahim Hassan Al Ashqar, and the house of their neighbor Ata Hassan Shabat was  damaged. The bombing was in the western part of the houses, which are about 1,200 meters far from the borders, south the crossing. 67 individuals live in the targeted houses, among them 36 children and 16 women. The bombing came in a sudden in the night hours. People left their houses and went to their neighbors looking for a safer place.