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Al Mezan Organizes a Workshop and Graduation for Journalists in Gaza

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9 November 2008 |Reference 51/2008

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a workshop for journalists in Gaza.
The workshop aimed to raise a discussion around drafting a declaration of best practices for the work of press.
In the end of the workshop the Center handed certificates for 83 journalists who attended five human rights training courses that were organized by the Center as part of the 'Promotion of Freedom of Expression and Media Work in Gaza' project, which is supported by Care International's Tazeez Project.
The workshop was held at al-Quds International Hotel and moderated by Mr.
Ramiz Younis.
Younis said that the purpose of bringing together all the journalists who took part in the trainings was to initiate a discussion on a draft declaration to be endorsed by journalists in Gaza.
He pointed out that the workshop would lay the ground for further discussion in a second workshop to which more journalists would be invited, including those who were not invited for the training courses.
The participants discussed the draft in groups and presented their feedback and comments.
It is hoped that these discussions will strengthen journalists' commitment to human rights principles and the ethics of their profession, particularly at this time when there is a deep political split in the Palestinian society.
Younis pointed out that the Center would organize another workshop for active journalists to introduce the draft and encourage its endorsement.
This could lead to a declaration to be approved by journalists working in the Strip.
Meanwhile, he said, the Center continues to monitor, and report on, the status of freedom of expression and media work in Gaza.