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Abu Nijm-Al Masri, Jabaliya

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28 June 2015

Abu Nijm-Al Masri, Jabaliya


At approximately 8:50pm on Sunday, 3 August 2014, Israeli aircraft fired at least one missile at the house of Mohammed Abdel Karim Abu Nijm-Al Masri, which is located in Block 8 in Jabaliya refugee camp, near the Al Tawba mosque. The two-storey house was destroyed onto its residents, killing ten persons, including three children and a woman.

Another 22 people were injured in the attack, including ten children and three women. Around ten houses were also damaged. Initial investigations into this attack indicate that the Israeli forces attacked the house when its residents were inside it without giving any prior warning. The attack used a heavy missile on the house that is located in a very densely populated refugee camp, which raised the number of casualties and injuries. Al Mezan also knew that the family hosted relatives, who had fled their home hours before the attack following a drone attack on a mosque near their house. Other visitors were also in the house and it is alleged that they might have been the target of the attack.


The ten people who were killed were identified as:

  1. Abdel Karim Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (92);
  2. Mohammed Abdel Karim Abu Nijm-Al Masri (55), Abdel Karim's son;
  3. Bilal Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (26), Mohammed' son;
  4. Mohammed Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (20), Mohammed' son;
  5. Ahmed Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (17), Mohammed' son;
  6. Soha Hamed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (29), wife of Mohammed Sa'di Abu Nijm-Al Masri;
  7. Raghad Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri (3), Soha's daughter;
  8. Shaima' Wa'el Qasim (14), Raghad's cousin, she was visiting the family;
  9. Danian Kamel Mansour (41), visitor; and
  10. Abdel Nasser Al Ajouri (26); visitor.