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Kullab family, Rafah

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25 June 2015

Kullab family, Rafah

At approximately 2:30am on Thursday 21 August 2015 Israeli warplanes fired nine missiles targeting the house of Nasser Hussein Kullab that is located in Canada area in Tal Al Sultan neighborhood in west Rafah. Two families compromised of 14 members were living in the three-story house that is about 200 square meters in area. As a result, the house was totally destroyed. Six adjacent houses were severely damaged. 12 people were killed in these houses, including 3 leaders of the Al Qassam Brigades who were in the targeted house.

54 other people were injured in the attack including 22 children and 16 women.

Al Mezan identified the names of the persons killed as follows:

  1. Nazera Ramdan Kullab (41)
  2. Ahmed Nasser Hussein Kullab (17). Nazera's son.
  3. Yousef Nasser Hussein Kullab (15). Nazera's son.
  4. Abdullah Nasser Hussein Kullab (11) Nazera's son.
  5. Hassan Hussein Younis (79)
  6. Amal Ibrahim Younis (53) (Hassan's wife).
  7. Seba Rami Younes (4) (Hassan's granddaughter)
  8. 'Aiysha Ismail Attiya (63)
  9. Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Shamala (40)
  10. Ra'ed Subhi Al Attar (40)
  11. Mohammed Hamdan Barhoum (45)
  12. Abdel Fattah Hussein Abu Sleimeh (72) died from wounds on 10 September 2014.