Obliterated families

Jouda family, Jabaliya, North Gaza

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25 June 2015

At approximately 4:15 pm on Sunday 24 August 2014, an Israeli drone fired at least one missile targeting the house of Issam Mustafa Jouda, located near the Al Shora mosque in Tal Al Za’tar neighborhood in Jabaliya, in the North Gaza district. As a result, five people were killed. They were identified as follows:


  1. Rawia Ibrahim Mohammed Jouda (43) Issam's wife
  2. Tasneem Issam Jouda (14) His daughter
  3. Raghad Issam Jouda (12) His daughter
  4. Mohammed Issam Jouda (8) His son
  5. Osama Issam Jouda (6) His son


In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Issam stated that his family was sitting in their garden while he was inside the house when he heard the sound of loud explosion. He added that he saw heavy smoke and dust covering the garden. When he went to the garden he saw the bodies of his wife and four children were torn up.