Obliterated families

Al Hashash family, Rafah

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25 June 2015

At approximately 6:00 am on Tuesday 29 July 2014 a missile fired from an Israeli drone targeted the house of Ahmed Sa’id Al Hashash that is located in the Al Hashash neighbourhood, north of Rafah City. The family members left their home afraid of a bigger Israeli attack against the house. They were carrying their disabled mother and walking in the street when an Israeli warplane attacked them. Some people tried to rescue them, but an Israeli drone fired a third missile on them. As a result, 7 people were killed. Al Mezan identified them as follows:


  1. Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hashash (15)
  2. Mohammed Ahmed Al Hashash (19)
  3. Mas'oud Ahmed Al Hashash (19) Mohammed’s twin brother
  4. Sa’id Ahmed Al Hashash (20)
  5. Bilal Ahmed Al Hashash (24) died at hospital in the afternoon
  6. Their mother Hanaa' Jaber Ali Al Hashash (47)
  7. Mohammed Mousa Al Hashash (20)