Obliterated families

The Abu Suleiman family, Rafah

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25 June 2015

At approximately 2:40 am on Saturday, 2 August 2014, Israeli warplanes fired two missiles targeting the house of the Abu Suleiman family in Tal Al Sultan neighborhood in west Rafah. As a result, nine people were killed, among them seven members from the Abu Suleiman family and 2 from the neighbours. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:

  1. Hiba Abdel Rahman Abu Suleiman (34). Wife of Rami Abu Suleiman
  2. Mohammed Rami Abu Suleiman (10). Her son
  3. Ahmed Rami Abu Suleiman (2). Her son
  4. Janna Rami Abu Suleiman (3). Her daughter
  5. Lama Rami Abu Suleiman (3). Her daughter
  6. Fida' Yousef Mohammed Abu Suleiman (29). Ramzy Abu Suleiman's wife
  7. Rana Ra'ed Mohammed Abu Suleiman (10). Ra'ed Mohammed Abu Suleiman's daughter
  8. Meriam Hassan Ali Abu Jazar (87). Neighbour
  9. Abeer Sa’id Sha’ban Abu Arab (43). Neighbour