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Abu Zeid family, Rafah

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25 June 2015

Abu Zeid family, Rafah

At approximately 12:10 am on Tuesday, 29 July 2014, Israeli warplanes fired four missiles targeting the house of Abu Zeid family in Rafah. Five families compromised of 24 members were living in the three-story house. One minute before this attack, an Israeli drone fired one missile in the vicinity of the house. People did not have time to flee.

As a result of the attack, 8 people were killed (14 injured) and a ninth person died from wounds sustained in the attack later. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:

  1. Ahmed Abdullah Abu Zeid (24)
  2. Shamma Wa'el Abu Zeid (15). Ahmed's wife- Abdullah's daughter-in-law
  3. Sabreen Khader Sa’eed Abu Zeid (31). Abdullah's daughter-in-law
  4. Bissan Iyad Abdullah Abu Zeid (12). ( Sabreen's daughter
  5. Meriam Marzouq Abdel Kareem Abu Zeid (31), pregnant. Abdullah's daughter-in-law
  6. Abdullah Nedal Abu Zeid (4).Meriam's son
  7. Falasteen Mohammed Sa’eed Abu Zeid (26). Abdullah's daughter-in-law
  8. Karim Abdel Hadi Abu Zeid (1 month)
  9. Wedad Ahmed Salama Abu Zeid (64) who died from her wounds in Egypt on 28 August.