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Al Mezan Expresses Sorrow with the Death of Great Dr. Iyad As-Sarraj

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18 December 2013

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights received with great sorrow the news of the death of Dr.
Iyad As-Sarraj.
Al Mezan expresses regret at the loss and extends its deepest condolence to the As-Sarraj family.
Issam Younis, on behalf of Al Mezan’s board of directors and Al Mezan’s staff, extends his condolences to the Palestinian community for the loss of the great deceased.
As-Sarraj played a vital role in defending Palestinians rights, freedom and democracy locally and in the Arab world.
He is one of the pioneers in mental health in Palestinian civil society and around the world.
The late As-Sarraj was the founder of the most important organization in Gaza in the field of mental health.
Critically, Dr As-Sarraj called for creating a society fully accessible to people with disability.
He won several international prizes.
He played a vital role in breaking the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip.
He also played a crucial role in bridging the gap between Palestinian factions.
We will always remember Dr.
As-Sarraj for his great and lasting achievements.